Friday, August 30, 2019

New month, new courses, new starts

Exciting times at Locke's Dogs, this September. Aedan and I are both starting new things this coming week.

I am doing the "Geek" level of Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer course, as well as the "30 Days of Canine Science" - and finishing up a course about making successful Facebook groups and pages called "30 Days to Impact" which has been most enlightening and made a humongous difference to how i see the world of Facebook for business. 

I love learning, the more of it I do, the more I want to do. When I am being taught something I do not think is quite right, it enables me to form rounded opinions and arguments to support my way of thinking. When I am taught something new that I think is ethical and workable, it's like a whole new world opening up in front of my eyes. They say you should learn something new everyday, and that is something I always aspire to do.

Aedan, my youngest, having just finished high school, will be off to start college, an absolutely bloody arduous 1.5 hour bus trip twice a day - but when he gets there he will be taking some really cool courses, and will no doubt have lots of fun, especially once he has worked out his way to the food halls and to the academic support suite. If he uses the academic support as well as he did while in high school, he will find it a place to go and chill out with the other kids who have their extra support needs, as well as to gain the help he might need, to arrange things like his learning support assistants, and regular meetings to discuss his progress. To any parent of any child with SEN, who is in mainstream, I strongly urge you to check out the support in place and provisions made at each school before you enroll as each school has differing levels of support and some will be better for your child than others. Never be afraid to say "no" to the closest school or the catchment area, or the school you are given - the quality of support given varies widely from place to place and will be more or less suitable depending on each childs differing needs too. The right placement can make a huge difference to not only your child's learning outcome but also their stress levels, health and happiness. A good school will welcome you for viewing and to speak with people there.

As well as all of this, I have some very nice new behaviour clients to see, and also a new course at the ISCP to promote - a rather harrowing course exploring the links between human and animal abuse - which could be vital in helping to spot domestic violence or other forms of abuse, and also in understanding and aiding the healing processes of animals who have been subjected to it.

Busy, busy, busy... :-)

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