Sunday, November 15, 2020

Fun Not Fear®️ Complete Dog Care Course

Wow - isn't it amazing how necessity drives invention? 

We have accidentally discovered a niche and our new passion at Locke's Dogs.

Our new Fun Not Fear®️ Complete Dog Care Course.

The amount of time I have spent inside the home this year, coupled with my own experiences of my own and other's anxiety and social anxiety, has led me to re-examination of how I teach dog training and dog-life skills to an entire gang of people!

I have seen how hard it can be to look after your pets, mainly dogs admittedly, in my line of work, but other pets too, when social anxiety is a factor. So, I have made something a bit special just for you!

I have gotten together with people who are amazing in their fields to help me teach you better, in ways that are tailored to suit your needs. I decided to approach people who know more than I do, in certain areas of dog care, so that I can be certain you are getting the best advice from the best people! 

Every specialist I include on the course is also a force-free and positive method user, so you can guarantee that everything we do will be kind and enjoyable for your dog. At Locke's Dogs we use Fun Not Fear®️ methods with our dogs (and our humans!!!!) and so we will never use shocks, prongs, collar pops, shouting or any other harsh and unnecessary equipment. Modern training is much kinder and more fun than that, you will love it and so will your dog!

Every person studying the course will also be able to relate to the other people studying the course as they will have similar life experiences, struggles and successes, so it will be easier to find new friends among the group too.

With a pile of resources to make your life easier, advice and support, we know we can make a huge difference to your daily life with your dog.

I am so, so, so excited and this is just the beginning - the beauty of realising a special area of interest is that it can only get better and better as I gain more knowledge and experience of that particular area.

I love, love, love being able to use my platform to make a real difference to people and their dogs. 

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