Saturday, September 18, 2021

I am so very fearsome.

Today I met my Grandad and his wife Joyce. My mum had to go to work, and Ellie-Mai and Aedan, my other two humans also had to go and have their jabs, so my Grandad looked after me.

We played in his great big garden for over an hour.

I like Grandad. He makes sure I have plenty of food and water, and is very calm with me. He likes to play with the toys but also let's me go and sniff when I smell something interesting, and he let's me sleep when I am getting worn out. 

Not that I get worn out very often. There is too much fun to be had and mischief to make, to waste time sleeping... fearsome beasts never sleep.

Except at night, when Mum says all fearsome beasts should be in bed. I was very good as we slept in a new room. Moo was happy as he and mum got to sleep on their bed. He likes to cuddle Mum. He thinks he is a fearsome beast like me, but truth is, he is scared of the dark and is a big wussy.

Fearsome beasts may also take naps during the day. This is essential for maximum ferocity when attacking stuffed toys, and to get good height while pouncing on things, like Moo's head. Moo must have been very fearsome when he was younger as he sleeps a LOT.

Their bed is rubbish - I never find any food on it. My bed in my crate is ace though - stuff just appears in there like magic. Last night I found a handful of kibble and two chews. When I woke up mum for a wee at 4.30am, like a good girl, we went back to bed and I found a piece of frozen meat in there! It felt great on my sore teeth! I wonder what will be in there next time? 

Mum says I chew too much to be safe roaming the house at night, so I must go in there. But I get to chew things in there too, so it is great!

I didn't cry last night at bedtime and Mum only had her hand in for a couple of minutes. She was very pleased and so was Moo.

I wonder what mayhem I can cause today?

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