Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Meet Twyla!


We are crazily excited to introduce Twyla, the latest addition to the Locke's Dogs family. 

Twyla is a 13 week old 3/4 Labrador/ 1/4 Springer Spaniel mix, and is very much loved already. 

Twyla, who we are picking up today, will be joining her big brother Moo and will be helping us to show the world how to train puppies from the comfort of your own home, on our Fun Not Fear® Dog Care School platform. (We are very lucky to have not one, but TWO parts to Locke's Dogs, with Fun Not Fear® being our online component) She will be documenting her journey (she is very clever) on the Locke's Dogs Blog.

We have an app being built, which is also super exciting, with lots of things on it to help dogs and their humans with anxiety at either end of the lead - and no doubt both Twyla and Moo will be featuring heavily on there too! News to follow.

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