Tuesday, September 14, 2021

My first day as a Locke's Dog

Today, my new family came and took me to my new home.

I was really excited when I first got into this thing they called a "car" and I had to wear a seat belt.

It was a really long way to my new home, and when I got there I met my new big brother Moo.

Moo and I were a bit surprised to see each other, and my new mum said we are to only have "appropriate and managed interaction" so that we didn't "get off on the wrong foot".

I am not sure what that means - but I am not allowed in his crate, and he is not allowed in mine either, and I was not allowed to eat his biscuits, which I thought was very unfair as I had already finished all of mine and they were tasty. It's OK though, I stole my new mum's cauliflower bites instead. They were almost as tasty as the slug I found on our trip out into the back garden. 

Moo and I will need careful watching over the coming days and weeks as I am not always sure what will make him grumpy and he is not sure whether I want to steal all his stuff, but mum says in a few days we will be fine. She knows about this kind of thing, luckily.

I only did one wee indoors too and lots of them in the garden. I get cheese biscuits if I wee outside. I also discovered cat poo. Mum says I am not allowed cat poo. Shame.

I will need to try to learn the rules here but I think it will all be OK.

I am missing my old mum though, so tonight my new mum and family will let me cuddle up with them.

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