Sunday, October 17, 2021

It's not my fault everything tastes so good!

I have a big plan in life. I am going to eat the table. I already made a good start on it. Mum bought me some coffee wood sticks, she said they cost her "a bloody fortune", but she really shouldn't have bothered as her "£3 bargain buy from the charity shop" coffee table is much more fun. Mum says I am a toad and she is giving up as "at least if I am eating that, I am not eating anything else". 

Silly Mum. I am a ferocious beast, and beasts eat lots of things. 

I wanted to eat a worm yesterday, but it slithered into the grass and I could only get half of it. So to teach it a lesson I started to dig a hole to get the rest of the worm out of the mud. Mum had only just paid the gardener to do the garden and was not very pleased. I am going to have a digging pit of my very own as Mum said she is pretty sure I would like one. I hope it will have worms in it too.

I noticed that Mum has moved all the stuff off the kitchen side, or at least moved it all to where I can't reach - I think this is really unfair and have been letting her know it too. Soon I will be able to reach more stuff again though, so I keep trying!

Mum said I am getting very good at going for walks now, I only pull a little bit (I can't help that she is so slow!!) and she doesn't need to feed me constantly all the way around, which I am not so sure is a good thing. But it does free up time for looking at things and letting me have a run without me lead on in the field. 

Mum was really surprised at how good I was at coming when called when she had the long line on me, so she lets me have a bit of off-lead time during our walk. We practised loads at home so I already knew what "come" meant. I also know she carries sprats in a pouch and then lets me go off again most of the time, so of course, I am going to come back. When she doesn't let me go off again, she clips my lead on and then we walk to somewhere else that is fun, or have a little scatterfeedy picnic, so I don't mind if it means my off-lead time has finished too much. It would be a different matter if every time she put the lead on it meant we were going home, and there were no sprats involved. Then I wouldn't want to come back very much at all.

Moo is finally realising that I am the best sister and that when I can sit still for more than five minutes (which is hard when you are a Springador), I actually give quite nice cuddles. If I remember not to chew him. He does taste good.

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