Saturday, January 29, 2022

Stop slicing bits off your dogs!

And stop buying dogs from abroad with bits cut off! There are plenty of dogs with so much love to give that you can acquire without contributing to this cruelty.

It is disgusting and unnecessary. And pointless. How would you like it if people brutally chopped bits off you or your loved ones?

Cropping and docking do not make a person or their dog look tough. It just makes a person look like an animal abusing bully. Why on earth would a person want to look like that?

Dogs without their proper ears or tails can’t communicate appropriately with other dogs, which can cause aggression problems and make your dog a target.

Imagine desperately trying every day to be nice, make friends and get on with the other dogs, but everyone hates you and is mean because of how you look. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to make them understand you are lovely; they just want to fight you or run away. This is what people do to their dog when they crop or dock them. So imagine – the tool you use to show you are friendly and happy actually makes you look mean and nasty? How unfair is that?

The myth that somehow it improves behaviour is ridiculous. It CAUSES behaviour issues.

Imagine having rain pour in your ears whenever it is wet weather – and there is nothing you can do about it. Imagine inside your ears burning in the hot sun, and you can’t shade them. Imagine your ears being wide open to insect bites, nettle stings and more with no protection.

Imagine that as a young pup, the hand that comes toward you, that is meant to show you kindness, instead grabs you, cuts mercilessly through your skin and bones. Then the hand tapes you into painful contraptions that make your bleeding and sore ears bend into unnatural positions, to the point they grow and stay there. Most likely with no pain relief and no comfort after. Why would that person be so cruel to you? And how could you ever fully trust a human hand again?

Yes – some dogs need to be adopted into loving homes that have already had this horrific abuse done to them, and by all means, they deserve someone to love them and take care of them. Hats off to the kind people who adopt them and then have to endure the stares from people who do not know they have adopted those dogs already in that state and now give them a loving home.

But shame on those who actively go searching for dogs with bits cut off. Cruel bastards.