Sunday, March 27, 2022

Dogmother's Day 2022

Today was Dogmother's day in the UK. 

It is a day when dogs and children are supposed to let Mum have a lay-in, in bed, have cups of tea or coffee, eat chocolate, do the washing up, and maybe even buy a nice dinner for them.

It's a bit like a special Christmas just for Mums. 

Why they get two Christmases, I don't yet know. Between doing all the housework, the cooking, going to work, getting the shopping and making sure everyone stays ok, she barely has time to enjoy any presents really. I mean, what a waste... 

I think I should get two Christmases instead. I like presents best of all. 

I did get one present today, though. 

Mum took me for a long ride in the car - first we went to a place called the "Train Station" where there were lots of people and noisy things. 

I didn't really know what to do, so I just sat beside Mum and watched while people scurried about. 

Then Ellie-Mai, one of my humans, got on a long tubey, noisy metal thing, and it went off into the distance! Mum didn't seem worried, though, and she said that Ellie-Mai would be back soon and that I was a very good girl. I do wonder where Ellie has gone - I hope she brings me back some nice things and that there are lots of pet shops there.

And then came my present - my very own field!!! For a whole hour!! 

We had to go for another short ride in the car to get there, but it was worth it as I had so much fun! 

There were lots of smells in my field, and I could see things called "Sheep". The Sheep are weird. They don't look like dogs, but they have four legs and are fluffy... and they never have to wear leads, collars, or harnesses, and are allowed in the field ALL of the time. I don't think that is fair. I think I should be allowed to be naked in a field all the time too. 

But at least in MY field, I don't have to wear my lead. Mum said I still have to come back when I am called, but I am allowed to run and sniff and be free. 

I have had something called my "season" for the past two weeks; Mum said I have to stay on a lead and I wasn't allowed to go to the park with my long line, so running, sniffing and being free is very important to me right now. Mum thinks I might run off with a stinky boy dog, but truth be told, I prefer my sausage to be of the edible and cooked variety. 

Mum still misses my brother Moo. Sometimes she still cries. But I have been trying super hard to be very, very good, and I have been making my Mum smile a lot by only being a ferocious beast when nobody is looking and curbing my beastliness when she wants me to be good. I miss Moo too, and I sniff his bed every day and cuddle his unicorn. I wonder if there are unicorns where he is now? 

Mum says that she is super glad I am here as I help her feel better and that I am her most special girl.

I even started walking nicely on a loose lead. Just sometimes, and in some places. I find it hard to concentrate on walking when there are big fields near us, but it is much easier for me when we are on paths near houses and fences. Mum doesn't mind - she says we just need to keep practising.

I have also been practising being calm around people and other dogs. Mum wants me to help her with her work, stopping other dogs from feeling scared of big ferocious beasty dogs like me. I can understand why they would be afraid. I am pretty tough and fearsome. All the pigeons fly away when they see me, and the cats are big wusses around me. But we don't want dogs to be scared - so it will be my job to help them. That would be quite a noble cause for a super dog like me.

Mum is going for a bath now, so I will see if I can find my harness and chew the blooming thing up while she is not looking. I have been trying to find it for a while, but now I want to be free like the sheep, so I must, must, must destroy it. 

But first, my weary legs and eyes tell me I need a little snooze.

It's hard work, being a ferocious beast.