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Buying stuff for dogs.

Bitmoji ImageOne of the many things that they never told me when I started keeping and eventually training dogs, is the sheer amount of stuff you need/want/acquire...

Hopefully this list of affiliate links to things we use everyday here at Locke's Dogs, both with our own dog and in training sessions, will help you to make some cool choices when it comes to equipment! We take our reputation very seriously and would only ever recommend stuff we know for a fact is ace.

You can buy some awesome training gear and toys at Tug-e-nuff, where Absolute dogs buy all their bits from. Using this link will get you free delivery and special offers to your email inbox. We particularly recommend sheepskin or rabbit chaser tuggys - dogs find them extremely high value, and the materials used to make them are by-products from the pet food industry that would otherwise have been wasted and thrown away. 

Below is a widget full of links, for all the training gear, and husbandry equipment on Amazon that I love, and completely recommend you using.

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